Watermelon Margarita Poptails


Watermelons indicate the beginning of summer and are ones of the most refreshing fruits of the season. With the beginning of summer the garden party season opens too and everyone is competing in coming up with the best recipes. If you are the one responsible with the drinks at the next garden party, surprise everyone with this awesome watermelon margarita pops. These pops are just like shots, as they have tequila in their composition, so your guests are going to have a great time after trying them. Simply cut the watermelons and add them to a blender. Use small cups to fill them with the watermelon juice and add some lime juice too. Slice some limes and insert short popsicles in the middle of each piece. Add the tequila to the cups, insert the popsicles and place the cups in the freezer overnight. Add margarita salt on top and serve them to your guests. These watermelon pops are going to be a huge success and also a great party starter. You can create a version for children too, by simply leaving out the tequila from the recipe. Read more details about cool dessert in the link below..

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Spike Your Sweets: Watermelon Margarita Poptails

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