Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Barbie Edition

It’s almost 8 years since the iconic Barbie doll reached its 50th birthday, but the way Fiat celebrated this special day is still pretty cool. Fiat launched in 2009 a special edition of the 500 model, one that celebrates Barbie’s 50th birthday. But seems like the Beetle also decided to step into Barbie’s world and it was transformed pink by artists ABD Racing Werks, FoamMolders and Katzkin Leather and Interiors. They transformed the Beetle into Barbie’s dream car, with white and pink elements both on the inside and outside. The interior features custom leather seats, hand stitched floor mats. The shiny outdoor is as pink as Barbie’s favorite lipstick, the artists having to mix 5 different shades of pink to obtain this unique nuance. What do you think? Would you like to own such an eccentric car?

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