Very Cool Way To Separate Egg Yolk


The secret of being a great chef is not knowing all the combinations of ingredients that give a unique great taste, it’s actually knowing the secrets or tricks that allow you to cook, bake and experiment in as little time as beginners in the kitchen take to prepare a single dish. Plenty of recipes require you separate the egg white from the yolk. So here it is for you: the coolest and quickest way for separating egg yolk. For the method explained in the smallest detail throughout the video, you will need two plates, a bowl and a plastic bottle! As you’d expect from the description, the whole `magic` resides in using the bottle properly. And one further bonus: you can save up to 2 minutes in comparison with a traditional method whilst not getting your hands and workstation messy in the process. Watch the video provided by Handimania and learn just how to do it!

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