Use Old CDs to Decorate Jewelry Box


Keeping a well-deserved supply of jewelry at hand is almost a necessity in a modern person’s wardrobe. But most often, the people who are doing this forget that they should also preserve the units of storage in a stylish manner. This simple photo tutorial will show you how to use old CD discs in order to beautifully decorate a Jewelry Box. Here are the items you will need:

• jewelry box;
• old CD discs (preferably some of them colored);
• pair of scissors;
• super glue;


It’s not hard to imagine how this project is going to take place. The only thing you have to pay attention to is choosing the appropriate colors you like to see in the final design of the jewelry box. Try to make a previous design on paper and then use it for guiding the cutting of the CD discs process. Take each shred of CD and glue them to the outside of the box in an attractive manner. Store your luxury goods inside and be sure you are going to do that with style.











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  1. linda olstead says:

    i have painted an old coffee table black. i want to add the cd’s to the top of it. what product do i need under the cd’s and then over cd’s to make it safe and useful. thank you.

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