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Does your child have some toys that seem a bit outdated or maybe too much? We are talking about dolls especially, which don’t look natural and are covered in fake make-up. If you want to change this and teach your little girl, that natural being natural is more beautiful than a lot of make-up and paint, here is a cool idea. Sonia Singh, who is a Tasmanian artist had the cool idea of rescuing artificial looking dolls. She removes the heavy paint from the face of the dolls, giving them a new and natural look. Then with the help of her mother, they sew new clothes for each doll and display them in natural surroundings. You can see more photos about this cool and instructive project on the Tree Change Dolls website. This is a great way to help your child develop a healthy self image and teach that looks can be deceiving and fake in many cases.




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tree-change-dolls-6 source: Tree Change Dolls

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