Toilet Paper Roll Love Bugs

Toilet paper rolls are pretty much useless once there is no paper on them. But instead of throwing them in the garbage, why not use these for a fun project? This is a family DIY, so you can ask your children to help you and this way you’ll create a fun weekend activity for them. Together you are going to make Toilet Roll Love Bugs, and even though Valentine’s Day has already passed, you can find another special occasion at which to bring these as gifts. To make this cute little craft you are going to need: toilet paper rolls, paint, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, beads, construction paper, craft glue, a marker, a pair of scissors and a skewer. The just head to the next link for the instructions and you can start building the tiny love bugs. Once they are ready you can decide whether to give them as a present or just keep them for yourself.

Toilet Paper Roll Love Bugs – The Craft Train

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