Tips & Tricks: Unbelievable Car Detailing Tricks to Make the Job Easier


For many people a car can represent a second home, as it is an essential part of the everyday life. Keeping your car clean and neat is almost as equally important as cleaning your home. So when you prepare for this spring’s big clean, make sure you don’t neglect your car. Sure, you can argue that cleaning the outside of your car periodically should do the trick, but what about cleaning the inside too? Start with the vents, as there is a lot of dust in there that you will inhale when turning them on. Use a cotton swab to clean this part of the car. Then you can go to the next step which is the dashboard. Clean this using a soft sponge, water and a cleaning product. In the end apply a bit of Vaseline. Make sure to wash the seat covers too, as this will give a fresh air for the inside of your car. For more useful tips, visit the link below to learn more about efficient ways to clean the inside of your car.


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