This Easy Quick Trick Helps You “Plop” Your Hair


Curly hair is beautiful and many of us would give anything to have amazing locks. But those who already have them, can tell you that it’s not easy to maintain curly hair and keep it nice and healthy. If you curls seem to be getting out of control sometimes, here’s a great technique to keep them organized. It is called plopping and will help you tame frizzy hair and obtain an amazing volume. You will need a few basic supplies, such as a comb, hair products and a t-shirt. You can easily use an old t-shirt as this is a great way to recycle and old item. We advise you to try this trick before going to bed and in the morning your hair will look truly stunning and everyone will ask you about your hairdresser’s name and address. Watch the video from the following link to learn more about the plopping technique and try it whenever you’re having a bad hair day.

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