The Tesla Model 3 has the most minimalistic interior I’ve ever seen

The cars produced by Tesla have always attracted attention and sympathy from people. But with its newest model, the company has really outdone itself. The Model 3 has been billed as a groundbreaking car and with the minimalistic interior it features it surely lives up to its fame. The dashboard is simply unbelievable! All the information you requires is displayed on a 15-inch horizontal touchscreen display, leaving the rest of the space completely free and usable for your own taste. It gets even better, because the roof is composed from two pieces of glass! So you can see the outside clearer than ever before.

The designers and engineers behind this amazing new car said that technically the product is small, so making the interior feel as big as possible was crucial. The price of $35,000 may scare you at first, but when you actually see the Tesla Model 3, your opinion will change. Take the virtual tour and see for yourself!

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