The Cherry Chomper


Maybe you want to make a delicious recipe and need cherries to raise the level of sweetness of the piece of dessert, or you’re just eager to eat a bunch of cherries but you have one problem: how to get rid of the pit fast and convenient. Everyone knows from an early age that removing the pit for a cherry is kind of messy and can even stain some fabrics. That’s why you will love the Cherry Chomper. This gadget is very useful in your kitchen as it will help you get pits out of cherries in a simple push movement. The cute aspect gives a hint at the fun you’ll have using it, but it hides the effectiveness it has. Position the cherry into the mouth of the Chomper, press down and in an instant you have your pit-free cherry in the same place you placed it at first. With a cost of only $8, the handy device will pay its investment ten folded. Check it out and your cake making will become so easy in the future!

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