Taga Baby Bike Carriage


Haven’t you always wanted to ride your bike and also be able to carry something without worrying about control issues? What about your toddler? You can’t go on a ride because you have no safe space for the kid to sit on? All of these worries are about to go away with a measure of fun and a plus for maneuverability. Taga might be the answer you were looking for all of this time. The 3-wheel modern design allows you to ride effortlessly and keep your child near you at all time. Pedal with confidence anywhere you would like with this piece of modern craftsmanship and functionality. The fact that you now can move easily with a bike and a stroller at the same time is beyond words. Just take a look at the pictures to find out for yourselves. And this isn’t all of the surprises the Taga cargo bike offers: it also can transform to a stand-alone stroller, you could use for shopping pretty easily. This is very awesome!

baby-carriage-taga-1 baby-carriage-taga-2 baby-carriage-taga-3

source: tagabikes.com

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