Sweden pledges to cut all greenhouse gas emissions by 2045

In February, Sweden signed a historic referral regarding the country’s climate law and pledged to cut all greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2045. Regarding recent aspects of international relations and President Trump’s decision to withdraw the US from the Paris Climate Agreement, countries around the world decided it is time to take climate matters in their own hands. Sweden is among the most developed and eco-friendly nations around the world and their plan of cutting greenhouse gas emissions is both bold and praiseworthy. Climate Minister, Isabella Lovin said that Sweden to be an entirely fossil fuel-free state and that alternative power sources will create a lot of new jobs in the future in the power sector. This first step towards ensuring the future of our planet is should not only be an example for other states, but also an alarm signal that further ignoring this matter will only worsen the situation of the environment.



Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data


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