Super Cool Light Bulb Snowman


Decorating for Christmas can become dull when all of your friends buy their stuff from the same shop as you do. That’s why some DIY alternatives aren’t such a bad idea after all. Check out this neat little project we’re suggesting you try. The Christmas Light Bulb Snowman is a simple DIY ornament you can make at home. And perhaps even involve your kids in the project too. Besides the light bulbs, you will need the following list of items:
a sock, some scrap material, acrylic paint, a black marker, glue gun, a pair of scissors, cotton batting, toothpicks, ribbon, buttons, and rubbing alcohol. This particular DIY project can be customized in any way you would like. Just check out what people have done, attaching tree twigs as arms or crocheted hats. Follow the instructions from the photo tutorial and the ornament will be done in no time!





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