Stockpiling For Hurricanes: 17 Vital Items You’ll Definitely Need

The devastating power of nature is truly amazing. As we just recently saw in Houston, Texas, a single hurricane can cause billions of dollars of damage, undoing in mere days what has taken mankind years to build.

What Do You Need to See You Through?

Even if you survive the hurricane in your home, you have to consider that you won’t have any electric power, water, sewage service and that your home may very well have several feet of water in it.
Often, preparing for the hurricane is really preparing to survive its aftermath. That means stockpiling the things you’ll need to have, until power is restored. Specifically, you’ll want:
1. Bottled water
2. Non-perishable food (canned food is great)
3. Fuel (gasoline)
4. A means of cooking your food
5. Flashlights and batteries
6. Battery operated radio
7. Recharging battery for your phone
8. Solar phone charger
9. Good first-aid kit
10. Toiletries, especially toilet paper
11. Insect repellant
12. Baby formula and diapers (if you have a baby)
13. A complete set of important documents (identification, birth certificates, insurance, marriage license, property deeds, vehicle titles) in a waterproof container
14. Laminated list of emergency phone numbers
15. Cleaning supplies (for salvaging your home)
16. Rain gear (ponchos and boots)
17. Water purifier


What would you add to our list of hurricane preps?

source: offthegridnews.com

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