St. Patrick’s Day Pot Of Gold Tutorial


Decorating your home in a creative manner isn’t and shouldn’t be a hard-working endeavor. The stuff you can achieve by simply thinking outside the box will get you far. Take this next DIY project as inspiration. How cool is a small garden flower pot turned into a cute pot of gold for Saint Patrick’s Day? Very cool, in our opinion! This activity is suitable for little kids as well, so don’t be afraid to get them involve in decorating your home.

In order to get a similar result to the one featured here, you will need the following materials: a small terracotta pot, a sponge brush, some Mod Podge, black acrylic paint, shamrock sticker, gold glitter and gold wrapped candy. Follow the instructions on the next page and good luck!


Here’s the link to the full tutorial…

St. Patrick’s Day Pot Of Gold Tutorial – The36thAvenue


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