Sink Rack Roll


Every person who has worked at least one afternoon in the kitchen knows that an important part is having the dishes and utensils clean as soon as possible; nobody is in the mood to clean after a good and nutritious meal. Either way, having a system of good management in your kitchen, whether they’re dishes or food involved, a device like the one you see on this website will prove very practical. Presenting the sink rack roll that doubles perfectly as a dish drying rack and kitchen organizer! The rectangle made out of stainless steel and elastomer has quite the creative design. In its simplicity and due to the small volume and easy to store concept, it will surely prove useful in the kitchen. There are 3 types of the rack, according to size, with the largest 21″ by 16″ available for purchase. Give it a look on Amazon and order your own piece today.


Sink Rack Roll / New Stainless Steel Shelf Sink Rack

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