Simple Kitty Litter Sock Trick Stops Your Car Windows from Fogging Up

Cold and moist days can be real downers, especially if you own a car and need to deal with fogged up windows. This means that any DIY hack that will help you defog your windows is a real treasure. Here is a very smart one that no one has thought about so far: using cat litter.

At a first glance, it might sound a bit strange but keep in mind that cat litter absorbs moisture so it will also absorb moisture from the air inside your car. With this clever hack, you will have less condensation of your car windows.

Socks vs. Foggy Windows



This trick works well in winter, when outside temperatures are lower than those inside of your car.

To apply this idea, it is best to use crystalline cat litter as it does not have that peculiar smell specific to clumping cat litter. Besides the litter, you are going to need and old sock and a masking tape.

To make the small bag for your car, you will have to wrap the ends of the sock with tape, fill the sock with the crystalline litter and tie the end of the sock. Then just place it on your car’s dashboard and let it do its magic.

With this simple trick you may be able to defog and prevent car windows fogging. In first part, for dehumidification you need to fill a pair of socks with silica crystals cat litter and put them on the dashboard over night.

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