Shoes and Books, How To Combine Two Passions


Making one-of-a-kind shoes is not that hard. Many people think you have to be a shoemaker or a designer to pull this off, but the truth is you can do this at home. Follow the instructions from here, and a creative DIY show will emerge triumphant. Here is what you’ll need:


  • a smooth-surfaced shoe;
  • a pair of scissors;
  • some comic books;
  • a can of Mod Podge;
  • a paintbrush;


The steps are so easy you’d wonder why didn’t you try this sooner. Especially if you liked playing around with comics and glue when you were young. So, start by cutting a few comics strips and characters from the books. Make sure the resulting shapes are irregular. Get the shoe closer to your work station. With the use of a paintbrush, put Mod Podge on each piece of comics that you will stick afterward on the shoe. Apply about 3 extra layers of Podge after all pieces are stuck onto, to give it a nice look. Remember to let it dry after each layer you apply, and as well when you’re done, before trying your brand new comic book shoes!

comic-book-shoes-2 PSheart

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