Save Money And Reduce Waste With This Genius DIY Baby Food Hack

Baby food can be very expensive and many times you can end up findign out that it has been made out of unhealthy ingredients and or that your baby doesn’t even enjoy it. So once you have experienced which foods appeal to your baby and which don’t, you can start making baby food at home and store it cleverly in order to reduce waste. What you will have to do is buy your baby’s favorite fruits and veggies and place them into a blender in order to make a puree. This puree can be eaten just like this, but if you are stuck with leftover at the end of the day, just place it in ice cube trays and freeze it for the next day. Before feeding your baby, make sure that the ice cubes have melted and the puree is at room temperature. This is such a clever baby food hack, that will prove to be useful for both fresh and experienced parents, so make sure you share it with your friends too! Learn more in the video below…

Babies can eat the purees right away — or if you make a bigger batch, you can freeze and store the leftovers in ice cube trays, then thaw as needed.


So, how do you do it? Here are the steps:

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We used these silicone ice cube trays

You can also try your own combinations and play around with different ice cube shapes

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