Saudi Arabia Has 100,000 Empty Tents with AC for 3 Million People – They’ve Taken Zero Refugees


The 100,000 tents you see in the pictures can house 3 million people. And they all have AC units! Why would Saudi Arabia build such things? Well, it’s not for Syrian refugees, but for the yearly Hajj pilgrims. Located in Mina, the tents built by the government in the 90s are spread across a valley that has 20 square km. For the 5 days of the pilgrimage they are filled with religious people. Each tent measures 8 by 8 meters and from 1997 all are designed to be fire proof. Don’t worry, comfort is assured because kitchen and bathroom facilities are provided in the camps in which the tents are divided. It is amazing how these housing conditions can be met by Saudi Arabia, but no single refugee was allowed into the country. Check out the photos featured here to get see from close-up how up to 3 million people can live there for a few days.



Photos credit: Akram Abahre. via thefreethoughtproject.com

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  1. Richard Sharpe says:

    Not sure why this post appears on this site about home ideas, but the allegation that Saudi Arabia has not taken in Syrians fleeing the conflict is false. The reason there are no UN reports of refugees is that the Saudi’s are not party to the UN convention on refugees so there is no official count. The actual estimate is that about a half million Syrians are now in Saudi Arabia, and unlike other countries, the Saudi government is allowiing them to work, providing free health care, and have provided schools for about 110,000 Syrian childrem..

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