Reuse Old Jeans to Make a New Handbag – DIY


If you have an old pair of jeans that once were your favorites but they are out of fashion or just don’t fit you anymore, don’t throw them away. You can make a lot of nice crafts out of jeans, this way giving new life to this old item. Also by making this you will be saving the money you would otherwise spend on buying the material for your crafts. A great new use for an old pair of jeans is to turn them into a handmade bag that will surely turn some heads. The handbag is very easy to make as you will only need an old pair of jeans, a pair of scissors, needle and thread. All you need to do is cut long strips from your jeans and weave them together as shown in the pictures. Then sew these pieces together and don’t forget to also add handles. Decorate your bag with buttons or ribbons. Such a cute and easy DIY project!

You will need:
– old jeans;
– scissors;
– needle and thread (sewing machine).


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  1. Ann says:

    Love this weaving idea – the tote is just fab!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

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