Rainbow Polka Dot Cake


Welcome to the cake design that will definitely become your favorite after you’ve served it to the guests at your event. The Rainbow Checker Board Cake is special because it hides the design surprise inside your all-white cake! So besides the delicious taste you benefit when cutting a piece, you also get this amazing palette of color clearly noticeable in the photos. If you want to have this in your kitchen and at your event, you will need the next list of ingredients: double batch of buttercream frosting and double batch vanilla or white cake mix, a variety of food coloring (in this recipe the baker used the electric tone of orange, yellow, purple, blue, as well as mint green and tulip red).


Also, the following tools will prove helpful in your gastronomic endeavor: a 12″ cake board, a 6″ cake tin 1″ high, a serrated knife, a butter knife, 1 by 3.3/4″ (or 9.2cm) circle cutter and 1 by 1.7/8″ (or 4.7cm) circle cutter, an offset spatula, a couple of spoons, ruler. Watch the video and learn how the Rainbow Checker Board Cake can be made.


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