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Guy Spends $4000 On Giant Statue To Give His Whole Town The Middle Finger

Do you think it is worth to spend $4000 on a statue that will to give the entire town the middle finger? Ted Pelkey from Westford, Vermont did. There’s not liking where you live, and then there’s spending $4000 on a statue which allows you to give the entire town the middle finger. Which is exactly what Ted Pelkey from Westford, ...

Seashell Dog Ornament

This adorable Springer Spaniel ornament is made entirely of seashells. The face is a scallop shell, nose a slipper shell, and ears are mussel shells. I use primer and acrylic paint. The top has a hook and string of jute for hanging. Perfect for dog and beach lovers!

Two sweet ponies wearing sweater on the beach

It gets very cold in the Shetland Islands! These are sooo cute!


Invented by a surfer from Santa Cruz, California, feejays started as single pair of homemade sweatpants with built in feet. The surfer showed his family and friends what he made, and they quickly fell in love with his comfy creation.

The Soap that Leaves You Smelling Like an Outlaw: Gunpowder, Campfire and Whiskey

“(This soap) Reminds you how much you like to go camping, which will likely increase the number of times you go camping.” After a weekend camping, do you feel a little sad when the last bits of campfire scent has faded from your hair? Fear not! The folks at Outlaw Soaps have formulated their products to leave you fresh, clean ...
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