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Quokkas Are the ‘World’s Happiest Animal’ and We Have The Proof

In case you never heard of quokkas, then you are in for a treat! They seem to be the world’s happiest animals and if you take a look at them you will understand why. They have this contagious smile and tourists can’t stop photographing themselves with these tiny creatures. You can meet them in person, by visiting Rottnest Island ...

Move Over Kale, Jalapenos Are the Health Food You Never Knew About

If you are a lover of spicy food and especially jalapenos, then you are in for a treat! After several pieces of research, it looks like jalapenos are doing a bit more than just spicing up your life as they are also a great boost for your health. So, if you are tired of eating all those bleak superfoods, like kale or seaweed, you ...

Man Arrested For Possession Of Magic Mushrooms Has Happiest Mugshot Of All Time

Police discovered cannabis, 70 mushrooms and ‘jars containing ingredients to manufacture psychedelic mushrooms’ in David Kalb’s home. If it were a prize for the best mugshot of all time, this next guy might be a strong contender. 41-year-old, David Kalb was arrested after police found him wandering outside a neighbor’s ...


Cute crochet pattern! ADORABLE Christmas tree hat is so much fun to make! The pattern includes an EASY beading technique and a tutorial for working the REVERSE single crochet stitch. Sized from Newborn up to Small Adult!

How To Crochet A Cute Parrot

This is a DIY project for all who want to have a home parrot. Can be a perfect gift for a special person who has a pet bird. It looks like a real parrot and you can use it as a gift or decor plush toy in a room.
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