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15 Healthy Foods You Have To Try – page 2

11. Sautéed greens side dish source Chopped veggies, spinach or kale, mixed with sliced garlic or onion, seasoned with lemon juice or red pepper will make this dish quite the tasteful one!

10 DIY Ideas For This Christmas – page 2

6. Make It: DIY Wooden Geometric Wine Stopper   7. Make Your Own Christmas Tea Bags 8. Coffee Kitchen Soap Recipe 9. Winter Wonderland Snow Globe Necklace 10. For kids of all ages: Eraser charm bracelet

15 Awesome PVC Projects for the Home – page 3

11. Easy PVC pipe wine rack

15 Awesome PVC Projects for the Home – page 2

6. DIY Door Wreath SOURCE

16 Genius Kitchen Tips You Probably Didn’t Know About – page 2

9. Crock Pot French Toast source
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