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Crocheted toilet seat

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Save Money And Reduce Waste With This Genius DIY Baby Food Hack

Baby food can be very expensive and many times you can end up findign out that it has been made out of unhealthy ingredients and or that your baby doesn’t even enjoy it. So once you have experienced which foods appeal to your baby and which don’t, you can start making baby food at home and store it cleverly in order to reduce ...

How knows what is underneath?

Pretty plastic doll with brown eyes that closes when she is laid down. Has moveable arms. Her legs do not move. Has little black shoes that can be taken off. She is dressed in a vintage handmade dress, made out of yarn, with a matching hat. I added a vintage earring to the front of the dress that can be taken off. Her hat is held ...

No-Bake Cheesecake Bites

Making food without baking is not impossible. Making delicious food without using your stove is achieavable when you know the right recipe. Luckily for you, the next homemade recipe is exactly one of these recipes. The final result will be creamy, smooth and sweet. Without even one minute of baking! Enjoy!

Happy Camper Playhouse Plan

Camping has been an all American tradition for more than the last century. Whether we took a camper, RV or just the family station wagon or van, many of us can relate to roughing it out with the family, for better or for worse at some point in our past. I though that I would have a take at turning that tradition into a tangible playhouse.
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