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If you have an outdoor space in your house, than the best way to make a good use of it is to build a deck. For those of you who already have a deck, the next question would be: how should you decorate it? There are a lot of ways in which you can decorate a deck, but if you have already decided for what are you going to use it, than the decoration options are narrowed down. So, if you want your deck to be a place used for outdoor entertaining, such as barbecues, tanning sessions and outdoor parties, then the most important thing is to make your deck as comfortable as you can. These activities are all very relaxing, which automatically implies a need for comfort. You should make sure that the chairs are comfortable, or you can even arrange some pillows for people to sit on (in the summer). In case of barbecues, you will need a table and you could add a couple of benches to go with the table. If you want to use your deck only for relaxation, then you can add some flowers and a couple of chairs or pillows and a small table. Decks can offer a lot of opportunities for entertaining, you’ll just need a little imagination and you can create a really great place for outdoor entertainment at you house.

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  1. Carolin says:

    I have two beautiful stone decks off of two doorwalls that connect with a walkway which has a flower bed on each side. I decofor sitting areas and lounging. Manny flowers and perennials. It Washington very nice, but something was just missing. I saw your pictures of outdoor decks and that’s it, a pergola or some sort of roof and some side enclosure as well that will still let enough sunlight through. It will make all the difference in the world. Much more comfortable and cozy ,more trees, bushes and vines, and I have two wonderful and comfortable outdoor rooms. One for entertainment and BBQ’s one for lounging and sunbathing. A little less pergola on the sunbathing deck. I honestly cannot wait until spring to get going on the project. I have loved making drab spaces into amazing, lively living areas as long as I can remember. You had me at first glance. Thanks

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