Omelette Roll Recipe

Omlettes are simply delicious and very easy to make. But if you want something out of ordinary, then omlettes have a sophisticated version too. This is perfect for a weekend breakfast, when you have time to spend in the kitchen and are in no rush to get to work. You can surprise your loved ones with this recipe and serve breakfast in bed. This is called an omlette roll and to make it, you will need the following ingredients for 6 persons:

• 8 eggs;
• 1 cup of milk;
• 1/3 cups of flour;
• 1 medium sized tomato (chopped);
• 4 slices of ham (chopped);
• 1/4 cups of purple onion (chopped);
• 1 and a half cups of Mozzarella cheese;




Take out a large bowl and beat the eggs. See all directions in the link below..

Omelette Roll – Moms Dish

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