Old Swing Set Turned Into A Chicken Tractor

If you have a large garden or a farm with a lot of animals, then you probably have some trouble with organizing your space. It is important that your animals have enough space, to feel free and comfortable. All animals like to be in nature as it is their natural environment and this next tutorial is going to help you build a new home for your chicks. You will be using an old swing to turn it into a chicken tractor. You will also need:

• wire netting;
• wooden pieces;
• netting cutter;
• drill;
• galvanized steel nails;
• an old swing and the whole structure of the swing;


What you’re going to do is cover the structure of the old swing with wire. Cover it all around and place long wooden pieces all along the bottom part of the swing to fix the wire to this. Drill holes in the wood and secure the wire with nails. Place the plastic cover on the swing, here you can put all kinds of seeds for your chicks. Make sure to leave a door in one part of the wire, so you can easily enter the chicken tractor to clean it and to feed your chicks. This way you’ve recycled something old and made something out of it.

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  1. Maureen says:

    Good idea! Going to do this 🙂

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