NBC: Your Children Will Definitely Be Microchipped

An NBC News report that promotes the microchipping of children asserts that it will happen “sooner rather than later” and that Americans will eventually accept the process as something just as normal as the barcode.

It goes on to highlight mother of three Steffany Rodroguez-Neely, who talks about how she briefly lost her daughter after she hid behind a rack of clothes, bringing to the fore, “every parent’s nightmare when you can’t find your child.”
“If it’ll save my kid, there’s no stuff that’s too extreme,” says Rodroguez-Neely. “Micro-chipping would be an extra layer of protection, if something bad does happen.”

Rodroguez-Neely goes on to explain how she has braved skepticism from members of the local Tampa Bay Moms Group, people like Kerri Levey, who are wary about implanting their own children.
“You’re putting a battery in your kid, you’re putting a chip in your kid. And, where does it stop,” asks Levey. “Where? It’s going too far. This is a child we’re talking about.”
“If a small chip the size of a grain of rice could have prevented a tragedy, I think most parents would have said, I think I would have done it,” responds Rodroguez-Neely.
The piece flips back to pushing the idea when it quotes electronics expert Stuart Lipoff, who asserts that microchipping children is safe and inevitable.
“People should be aware that testing is being done right now. The military is not only testing this out, but already utilizes its properties. It’s not a matter of if it will happen, but when,” states Lipoff.
Lipoff also told NBC that people shouldn’t be concerned about “big brother” tracking their children and that the technology was merely an upgrade on the traditional barcode.

“When barcodes first came out in the late 1960s, people were appalled. They were wary of them and did not understand the concept. Today, it is so commonplace, we don’t even notice it. A microchip would work much in the same way,” he states, adding that it will “definitely happen”.
NBC reporter Melanie Michael appears to agree, remarking that the size of the chip is “very very small” and that “the expert tells us this will happen sooner rather than later.”
“You can bet somewhere someone someday is going to pull this off and we could see those microchips in everyone,” she adds.
The sheer creepiness of children being treated like barcoded products seems to be lost on Michael.
The entire premise of the piece is extremely odd to say the least. Did Rodroguez-Neely approach NBC with the idea to promote implantable microchips as a way of finding lost children, or is the segment a pure propaganda blitz to normalize the idea in the minds of the viewers?
Either way, it doesn’t come across as very balanced, aggressively promoting the safety aspect of the microchip over concerns about its clear Orwellian scope.

What do you think?  Would you microchip your child?

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119 Responses to "NBC: Your Children Will Definitely Be Microchipped"

  1. Susan says:

    Welcome to the area!

  2. Robert Jaco says:

    Me and my house will serve the lord and microchipping is same as taking the mark of the beast

  3. Sue says:

    Microchipping, if totally safe and cannot be hindered with in anyway, is a great idea. I’ve been wondering when this was going to happen considering all the children that go missing.

    • CBell says:

      Are you insane?? If microchips are used to track our kids why on earth would you think they won’t be used to keep tabs on everyone? What would make you think that our government would have every single bit of useful data on us that a microchip could give?? Plus, if they are telling the truth and it’s like a bar code it’ll only help with ID once the child id found!

  4. RUTH McHugh says:

    That will not stop your child from someone taking him or her. It doesn’t stop a dog naper, how would it stop a child naper? Absolutely not!!!

  5. Dalisha says:

    This mom is crazy and needs a mental evaluation, I promise my kids will not be chipped, there children not a dog micro chip your self and learn to watch your child better

  6. Peggy Branscomb says:

    Full filling of Gods Word. It will start as something innocent. Then goverment wants more and more control. The beginning. of the end. Nobody will ever put a chip of any kind in me.

  7. Nancy Woods-Davis says:

    Absolutely not in my lifetime! This is absurd and may the Lord bind that devil n the name of Jesus!!! No child should be microchipped??? What’s the matter with people??? They’re ate up! Sounds like the mark of the beast but as for me and mine, we will serve the Lord <3 God bless u'all! Prayers in Jesus name that no evil formed against our children will prosper!!!

  8. T says:

    Heeeeeeeeeellll noooo

  9. T says:

    I am shocked to read this on September 11th. This is how freedom dies. With thunderous applause. Of course you will tell us it’s to “keep the children safe” meanwhile we write a blank ticket for our government to treat human beings like cattle even more than they already do.

    I’m not putting microchips in my children. I won’t have children if it becomes a requirement. F*ck everything about this.

  10. Nancy Woods-Davis says:

    Absolutely not in my lifetime! This is absurd and may the Lord bind that devil n the name of Jesus!!! No child should be microchipped??? What’s the matter with people??? They’re ate up! Whats next….branding them like cattle? Sounds like the mark of the beast to me but as for me and mine, we will serve the Lord <3 God bless u'all! Prayers in Jesus name that no evil formed against our children will prosper!!!

  11. Terri Terreault says:

    Absolutely not. My dogs now, that is a different subject. It would be great for them.

  12. ToriAnn says:

    Read the book of Revelation in the Holy Bible. it CLEARLY explains what will happen to those who take the chip “the mark of the beast”

  13. Deb B says:

    Hell no! Another way for the government to track people. Not a good idea. How dare you use the cover-up “for the safety of children”…when it can be used in ways to spy on and track people wherever they may be? The bible even warns us about these tactics. This is just another way for the government to slide into taking our freedoms away. This is an outrage!

  14. Lynda Carilli-Coil says:

    If some one put a chip in one of my children I would cut it out myself.

  15. Dixie Vixen says:

    You would have to be an absolute brainless blob to accept this much less want it?

    No way not me not mine not ever… Well except over my DEAD BODY!!!!!
    Do u realize that those in power would then have control over every aspect of your life and know where you are what you buy and how often…
    If you piss of the wrong person and they had control over your life…

    Think they might take the money in your bank account? Lock you out your house?
    Track your every footstep?

    No thank you you dips can keep your chips and your change

  16. John says:

    Stop wasting money and put it to use for cures.

  17. Simon Willins says:

    Put your young person on reigns if you cant keep them by your side. Chipping people only benefits the system (meaning commerce and government) and not society. Chipping will lead to constant monitoring and gps. I always kniw where I am and I’m the only person that needs to know that. Stop wandering in a stuper towards total capitulation of freedom and self. Chipping humans is completely unnecessary and infringes the notion of the independent individual, and the rights to be free as an individual.

  18. Anna says:

    F*** off! I’d rather risk my child go missing (which if I’m watching is highly unlikely). It’s an attack on our civil liberties. So transparent too, thinking we’ll all agree with this strange uneducated mother. How about publishing comments of people against it in these kind of articles? Haha yeh as if. Well if I was American I’d be leaving NOW

  19. Donna Martelli says:

    Absolutely not!!

  20. Chris says:

    No. They won’t be microchipped. They will be gone. Revelation 13:17. I am blown away that people are not putting two and two together. We are living in the last days and current world events line up with biblical prophecy. Please do yourself a favor and be ready. You won’t regret it.

  21. Bill says:

    Not no but HELL NO!!
    Anyone that see this as normal is out of their mind!

  22. A. N. says:

    There is no way in hell I would let anyone put a chip in my child ! Chipping your children is way crazy!! Aren’t we poisoned enough with the crap in our foods and air and water, now they want to put foreign matter under our kid’s skin… That is unacceptable.
    My kids have walked off in a store, hid under the racks, etc. so I looked for them! I did. (Not to say that there aren’t tragedies occasionally). Watch your kids to keep them safe, don’t stick chips in them! That’s nuts!!

  23. Noemi Ochoa says:

    YES absolutely, YES

  24. Noemi Ochoa says:

    YES absolutely, YES

  25. Christopher says:

    Parents should keep a stern vigilance of thier kids’ whereabouts keeping rhem close within eyesight It’s pure idiocy & poor parenting skills microchiping their kids, relying on cell phones to locate them. It’s just bad parenting to rely on a cellphone to track one’s kids! Think back a generation or two at how kids kept close to their parents!

  26. Marla Faith says:

    You can advertise this as much as you want, brainwashing me… no it will always be HELL NO!!
    Btw, people will still get stolen, these will just get cut out.

  27. Franklin Banks says:

    Well I think it’s the beginning of the mark of the beast spoken if in revelations. Don’t do it . Refuse it. !!!

  28. SparkyO says:

    LIKE HELL my kids will be microchipped!

  29. sk says:

    Uhhhhh, very scary. Glad I don’t have children that are young enough to have this FORCED down my throat. Big Brother will turn this into something way more than a way to protect your children. NO NO NO…

  30. Scott says:

    Hell no id rather drink turpentine and pass on a fire before I would let them touch my kid with that POS!

  31. Vickie Bess says:

    Absolutely NOT!

  32. Elaine says:

    Yes I think microchipping a kid of any age would b great as long as it was safe and didn’t do any harm to your kid

  33. Ralph Martino says:

    No. We already have the beast or the system. Microchip is the 2nd false prophet and global world economy or no money. And the government can and will track u down. This is the antichrist. Do not accept the chip. I would rather be imprisoned or put ton death. Read revelations chapter 13.

  34. Lee South says:

    Orwellian perhaps, Biblical for sure. And no man shall be allowed to buy or sell without the mark that shall be on his head or his right hand. I will not be chipped!

  35. Ralph Martino says:

    Britain and the USA is the 2 horns on the lamb. They are the 2nd false prophet and lead the world economy. Jesus is coming back to take those who believe. The rest will burn with this wicked system (microchip) and give up there freedom also. The world will perish and all the evil people also. Homo sexual people and theft and liars and haters need to repent of their filthy lives and except jesus or burning and pain will be the end result

  36. Beverley says:

    While shopping at Walmart today, there were 2 little kids, hispanic boy and a girl both looked about 4 years old, running up and down every isle, screaming running into people, just wild. I followed them, finally with a relative, she didn’t attempt to stop them or even care what they were doing. These kids should be microchipped.

  37. Josiah says:

    Over my bullet riddled corpse they will do that to my children.

  38. Sharon says:

    No I would NOT microchip my children!!!

  39. Tammy says:

    You understand that microchips do not have the ability to act as a GPS. It can only be read with a scanner held close to the body. What would be the point? Other than to have it used as an identifier? I don’t think thats needed. have you seen the size of the needle used to insert this?? Its pretty big and a microchip is bigger than a grain of rice

  40. Salvatore says:

    Do not take this chip period. It is the start of the Mark of the Beast as foretold in the bible. People will try to sell it by saying exactly what that woman said. Be ready because our Lord is not at the door to return, he has opened it. Repent now and ask God’s forgiveness. Again, NEVER take this Chip

  41. Pam Wagers says:

    No!!!!!!! The Boble predicts this and it is the mark of the Beast!!! Think of your children’s everlasting future not here on this earth!!!

  42. Joyce canada says:

    Come on people. Read your Bible!!!! This is a sign of the end times. The mark of the beast. I will NOT get chipped. I won’t sell my soul to devil

  43. James Hoover says:

    It would do no good to micro-chip your child because the people who would want to take you child would have a way to scan and find the micro-chip and cut it out, if they want the child bad enough.

  44. Renae says:

    no fucking way not human but we knew about this shit years ago GOD revealed this to us and that this is the signing of the beast i will prefer to die than have the beasts mark fuck you all. IM IN THE LORDS ARMY.YOU WILL NEVER KEEP YOUR CHILDREN SAFE IF YOU HAVE THIS INSERTED IN YOUR CHILDREN.The next step is people will be killed if they decline the chip. well guess what me an my children are going to die and live forever and have eternel life with GOD than take orders frm all these fucked up govts.ROT IN HELL all you creaters of this shit.ITS the after life that matters this this life.My children and i will have GODS protection not yours.HI AWE HI HA BLEH

  45. Marlene Koenig says:

    No, never, ever!

  46. Vickie riddle says:

    No I would not microchip my kids and I wouldn’t agree with microchip being in my grandchildren either

  47. Laura says:

    Absolutely NOT!!!! NEVER….. crazy if any parent does this.. government is going to dar

  48. Donnie everson says:

    100%no no no . Cause I don’t care what you say. The chip is called the Marc of the beast. The prof is in the bible
    .in rev .you get that there is no way your going to heaven. Any person or mom and dad that would let there child get it or get it them self .is never going to see the kingdom. You will belong to satan . So don’t do it God bless everyone

  49. Vickie Fletchet says:

    Never. Never. Never. Thats nobodys right to do that and if parents can’t keep track of their children then they need to work harder at it. Plant a chip in criminals to keep track of them first and plant it where they can’t tamper or remove it.

  50. Travis says:

    Not mine.

  51. Jasmine says:

    HECK NO!!!

  52. Seward Bouchie says:

    with reference to the statements:

    “Lipoff also told NBC that people shouldn’t be concerned about “big brother” tracking their children and that the technology was merely an upgrade on the traditional barcode.

    “When barcodes first came out in the late 1960s, people were appalled. They were wary of them and did not understand the concept. Today, it is so commonplace, we don’t even notice it. A microchip would work much in the same way,” he states, adding that it will “definitely happen”.

    My question is WHEN did we start barcoding children or people for that matter… these chips are going inside people so you know they will eventually used for rdif tracking just like packages or for gps positioning so big brother knows where you are every second… kind of like what google does now with gps maps on your cell phone.. tracks everywhere you go and how long you are there.

  53. Sue says:

    The Bible says we would be marked( in Revelations )
    I personally would want my child microchipped. What is next? Tattooing them?

  54. Bridgett says:

    So last tell everyone this is good and tell them it’s a extra layer of protection in case something bad happens.. The Jedi mind tricks you all fall for makes me say hmm mm and the sad part is most of you all will be brainwashed and allow this to happen to your children. Mark of the beast is what this is.

  55. KrisZ says:

    It’s testing for the mark of the beast. Don’t do it!

  56. Brigitte says:

    Definitely NOT! This is exactly what the bible is referring to as the mark of the beast. Anyone who accepts this is automatically doomed to eternal hell. those who do not accept it and receives Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior will live eternally in Heaven with him….So I ask you Is the microchip worth it? NO NO NO

  57. Blondie says:

    Are YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND???? Never in a million years would I do that! They are children and our job is to WATCH our children not microchipping them…. CRAZY people out there. The BIBLE is against that but she must not believe the BIBLE is GOD’S WORD…….

  58. Gloria champion says:

    Love your clothes

  59. Lisa Garms says:

    No way. This is too close to the mark of the beast. The bible clearly says there is no way out of you take this. Its better to lose a life then to lose your soul and burn in hell for eterbity

  60. Lisa Garms says:

    I mean to say eternity. I pray that this will go away. God forbid that we are facing such a terrible thing. The government lies and I can tell you this that they will beable to kill you off with the touch of a button with that device. Read the bible and listen to John Haggie about this chip. Please be prepared. This is a dangerous thing to take. God bless

  61. Robin LeDuc says:

    This is a very sick idea!!!! Do you people not read your Bibles?? Have this World absolutely lost their damn minds? There is no way in hell I would ever allow Micro-chipping!!!! People are just sick!!! You folks ought to read your BIBLES!!!

  62. Emily says:

    I refuse to let that happen to my children.. better solution watch you’re kids!!

  63. Gamereg says:

    I don’t think the “Orwellian” scope really is that clear. What exactly is the problem with microchips that’s not a problem with a fingerprint database, a Social Security number, or the capacity to trace phone calls and online activity?

  64. Melanie says:

    Absolutely NOT!!! Mark of the beast…I’m an over protective mother of soon to be 3 and this is something I’ll NEVER ALLOW to be implanted in my children.

  65. Rose says:

    I do not see the need to do so.

  66. Michelle says:

    No, no micro chip, too much risk with all the technology that our government has, we can be tracked down and killed, because they can find you anywhere!! Definitely surreal and end time prophecy. No thank you,. This will be a test for ALL Christians.

  67. Jessica says:

    My child will never be chipped and no one in my family will either. I dont care if we have to live on the streets and beg for food we will not willingly get a chip.

  68. Angel says:

    Like hell u will my children nor grandkids will have this bullshit done to them i say that will be a good way to get ur ass kicked.

  69. Hendrik says:

    Funny that a lot of people feel alarmed when reading this article, but at the same time are hardly aware of the far more powerful and far less controlable chip they are keeping close to themselves day and night: their smartphone.

  70. Alexandriakoepf says:

    Please tell me this is a joke.

  71. Wayne Buck says:

    If anybody thinks they are bad enough to (BIG BROTHER ) microchip my child, I’ve got something for YOU! I guarantee it’s not a thank you or anything NICE!I’ll tell you where you can stick your F*^#ing microchip! 3:((

  72. Roma says:

    If YOU can track your child with this chip…..who else can track your child? Perverts?…..ax murderers?!

  73. WillardDuplessis says:

    It’s the mark of the beast ,put in for head or right hand as totem buy John ,in the book of revelation.man can’t buy sell or trade unless he has the mark .

  74. Kim nugent says:

    NO micro chip or any other kind of chip. Thats will symblize the mark of the beast that the Bible speaks of we all know its coming but our children???? No they cant speak for themselves yet and it should be a decision made by a person of age who can decide HEAVEN OR HELL

  75. jamie says:

    He’ll no my kid.aren’t getting this

  76. Paula Keipert says:

    No absolutely not!!!

  77. Mildred Witherspoon says:

    God saids it’s the mark of the beast. No way will I or my kids and grandkids be marked

  78. Heather Taylor says:

    I will never get or encourage this micro chipping. You forcustomers on the people’s weakness…their children in order to promote this chip! SMOKESCREEN!!NOT GONNA HAPPEN HERE!

  79. Cassandra says:

    The Bible speaks of the mark of the beast … I feel this chip is exactly that and I will refuse to take one or let my children or grandchildren have one.

  80. Irene Rupprecht says:

    We microchip our dogs and cats, but that’s where I draw the line. Parents are responsible for caring for and disciplining their children. Watching them at all times in a store is crucial. You would be alleviating them of their responsibility as a parent. It seems to be the trend to expect government to take care of you. You want to spend every penny you make with no worry about retirement? Don’t worry, the government has seen to it that you have a pension. The bottom line here is that growing up doesn’t mean you become an adult.

  81. Tramp says:

    Guess again.y children and grandchildren have been trained in gun safety and know how to shoot back.

  82. cherrie says:

    no fucking way.

  83. Julie says:

    This is what the Bible warns us about. The mark of the beast. If you don’t have the chip you are going to be denied the necessities on Earth. If you have the chip, you will be denied everlasting life. Your choice…………..smoking or non-smoking!

  84. eric carney says:

    this is supposed to be the implementation of the Big Brother,One World Order, Illuminatti,Mark of the Beast… GOOGLE IT IT IS NO FANTASY, NO DREAM,IT IS THE NIGHTMARE FROM MAIN STREET.

  85. Autumn Fox says:

    Absolutely NOT! This is ridiculous!

  86. Jo Leach says:

    I have pets with micro chips so if they get lost they can be found pretty quickly. Found a dog that was gone for 7 hours and had been shot. So….if my child can be chipped….you bet they will be. This isn’t 1782 when everyone was aware of what was happening because the population was tiny. It is 2017 and there are billions of people in this country and many of them are degenerates or suffer from some sort of mental affliction that cause them to perform acts on other humans that are unconscionable. So sad that we can offer our animals better protection than our children.

  87. Camie Kethman says:

    This is ridiculous! And probably not safe! I’m sure putting a device such as this in a human would cause health issues possibly cancer!

  88. April says:

    Just imagine, kids that have been kidnapped being found with the push of a button. Much better than a lot of outco.es that happen now!

  89. Dan says:

    Making Microchipping of people mandatory. Big Brother is so proud of you, now!

  90. David James Fessenden says:

    I’ll not be taking the ‘Mark of the Beast’ (666) that’s in the Bible. It goes against my Religious belief!

  91. Deanna says:

    Helllllll nooooo, no way. If that’s not giving the government or any company ultimate control over our lives and children’s lives at that!
    “You’ll do this now” says the gov., “or we’ll self destruct those chips!” ” oh yea forgot to tell you about that part….

  92. Carol Linnell says:

    The thing these news articles fail to mention is that while the technology is not used in “Big Brother” ways, I imagine it’s only a key board click away. When bar codes came out, yes people were wary, and rightfully so. I don’t accept anything on blind faith except my Higher Power. Not to mention, bar codes are not INVASIVE. It is a man made piece of technology that people are being encouraged to utilize. Not on my watch!

  93. Christine says:

    So…at what point is this tracking device removed? Or will doctors be required NOT to remove?
    Just wondering….

  94. Laura Nickson says:

    No! I would never do this nor suggest it be done.

  95. Greg Blankenship says:

    Whoa back, giddy up. This is rather like circumcision, and wish I was NOT! I would have to know what the chip records and reports before allowing myself to be implanted. And I would never consider making that decision for any child of mine. This is truly frightening.

  96. Paul says:

    Where is the to NBC saying this?

  97. Bowie says:

    This is a hoax.

  98. Jay says:

    Whatever sheeple not a fuckin chance i will ever chip my children… only the weak will fall for this level of control by the one percent assholes in our fucked up socialist society

  99. Nate says:

    My will children WILL NOT be subjected to this at all! It will happen over my dead body. The second they make it mandatory is the second my family becomes outlaws. Period!

  100. cnitallnow says:

    Too implant anyone in my family, it would be a bloody attempt.

  101. Kay says:

    Big brother is watching

  102. Philip says:

    this is crap- come near me or my kid with a chip and i will take this to levels of destruction that would terrify people to their core

  103. Matthew says:

    As Benjamin Franklin stated, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

  104. Darnell says:

    Me and my house will serve the lord and microchipping is same as taking the mark of the beast

  105. Airi says:

    No, Thank you.

  106. Vvrue says:

    Thats is horror… And God dont like this…

  107. Jillian says:

    There is so much wrong with this! Stop thinking it’s going to save kids from tragedy! It’s not a GPS locator, it works just like what we put in our pets. So if someone happens to turn your lost child in they could be scanned if for some reason they are unable to tell police who they are. This will never stop a child abduction, it is not a tracking system, but hey if it makes you feel better to know they could scan your child’s corpse them by all means get them implanted. Stop being so naive! Even bettering let’s say they do come out with a GPS chip, lets let the bad guys find our kids even faster, genius!

  108. Lynda says:

    All I keep thinking is let each child’s parents decide if their kids get the chip. I personally know parents that have lost children due to abduction. Or to them wandering away and being drowned. The benefits of locating a missing child compared to the horrible alternatives are priceless. If I can chip my dog and the chip can help him be found. Explain to me why I would not want to put a chip in my most priceless possession? I don’t car who knows what we eat for dinner or where we plan to vacation. There is nothing extraordinary about my lift that would make me a person of interest. On a lighter note: I saw all of the Matrix movies. I for one prefer to stay plugged in and happy. I love oatmeal but not for each and every meal.

  109. Petra says:

    Absolutely NOT!!!! people don’t you see what’s happening here? Or maybe you want to be controlled.

  110. Cindy says:

    Omg who in the hell would want to microchip there own child….if it cause you can’t find them it no excuse. It called to learn to watch there child. It just pure lazy

  111. Lonnie says:

    And Those who receive the mark will not see the kingdom of God!

  112. Lehman says:

    This is all about Bill Gates and power and control of the population . Vote for Bidden and it will happen sooner than you think that what they are all about

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