Minion Crochet Patterns


Minions, people just can’t seem to get enough of them. Even though, the Despicable me movies rolled in the theaters a while ago, there is still a Minion craze on the internet. From decorations, to handmade puppets and even Minion shaped deserts, these little yellow guys are still very popular. So why not try and make a Minion, when crocheting something. There are lots of crocheting projects on the internet that vary in difficulty and different kinds of patterns you can make. But next time, when you feel like crocheting something, you should try and create a Minion shaped item. For instance, make a Minion shaped hat for your child that can also be worn at Halloween. Or some slippers that have a Minion head in front of them. But maybe the cutest and easiest idea is to create a small Minion puppet for your children or a dear friend. Your talent will surely be recognized and everyone will be delighted by your creations.

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  1. Nelly says:

    The sourse of mittens, please!

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