Mess Free Sidewalk Chalk

Parenting implies a lot of work, but is also a rewarding and uplifting “job” and having a baby comes with lots of responsibilities. Kids are curios and sensitive, so you need to keep an eye on them almost every second, especially when it comes to playing around with messy things, such as chalk. Of course, children like to draw which is a great way to develop their imagination, but sidewalk chalk can prove to be messy in many cases.


 To avoid the chalk getting everywhere, you should try making it at home and placing it in deodorant containers. This will keep the chalk in place and your children can play without you having to worry about everything getting dirty. To make the chalk at home, you will need: water, liquid watercolors, deodorant containers and some other supplies. You will find the entire list on the next website where you can also read more about how to mix the ingredients in order to get your very own homemade chalk.

Mess free sidewalk chalk recipe –  De Tout Et De Rien

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