Meet Wally, The Bunny With The Biggest Wing-Like Ears

Angora rabbits are among the cutest animals on Earth, with their fluffy fur and big ears. They used to be very popular among European nobles and royal families, because of their long fur and lovely looks. If you want a soft and cuddly pet, then Angora bunnies are exactly what you need, and you can also adopt one at your local shelter.

In case you are still having doubts about their potential, meet Wally the most adorable English Angora rabbit that has ever lived!

Wally: The Life of a Punny Bunny

He is from Massachusetts, USA and quickly became an Instagram sensation thanks to its owner, Molly. What is particularly peculiar about Wally are his big and wing-like ears which make him look like he just came back from a trendy hairstylist. Wally is so popular on the web that he also appeared in newspapers and magazine covers, and has his own book called Wally: The Life of a Punny Bunny. The book appeared in February 2017, but sadly Wally passed away in March that same year. But fans all around the world still love and follow his page and remember him just the way he was: an adorable bunny with huge, fluffy ears.


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