Man Arrested For Possession Of Magic Mushrooms Has Happiest Mugshot Of All Time

Police discovered cannabis, 70 mushrooms and ‘jars containing ingredients to manufacture psychedelic mushrooms’ in David Kalb’s home.

If it were a prize for the best mugshot of all time, this next guy might be a strong contender. 41-year-old, David Kalb was arrested after police found him wandering outside a neighbor’s apartment in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. The police offered him help to return home and when entering his apartment, there was a surprise discovery waiting for them: weed, 70 mushrooms and several jars containing substances needed to manufacture psychedelic shrooms.

After being taken to Westmoreland County Jail, Kalb was photographed, and his mugshot turned out to be as happy the contents of his mason jars. It is not known if he ate some of those happy mushrooms before being taken in by the police, but this mugshot is surely one to remember.

source: www.independent.co.uk

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3 Responses to "Man Arrested For Possession Of Magic Mushrooms Has Happiest Mugshot Of All Time"

  1. mare says:

    You do NOT manufacture magic mushrooms, unless you’re the God.

    I was gonna share this article, because the mugshot is really telling, but will not, because I don’t want to spread half truths…

  2. Ruth says:

    Yeah, I’m still waiting for the boots I ordered and paid for TWO years ago from you fuckers. Where’s my fucking boots?

  3. Rich says:

    This man at plants that grew from Mother Earth and he’s happy!
    Nice society we live in…..

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