Make Your Old Shoes Fashionable

We often see those fashion collections on TV and on the internet, but rarely do we get to see how the designer made those unique wearable works of art. Fortunately, the web is abundant with creativity and people who are willing to share it for free. We present you a simple tutorial on how to make a creative pair of painted shoes right in your home.


For this DIY project, you will need the following items:

• a pair of plain white sneakers;
Mod Podge;
bottles of acrylic paint (different colors);
paint brush;
paint marker pens;
watercolor pencil or chalk;

The steps required for this project are quite easy. You first use the pencil or chalk directly on the shoe to sketch the particular design you want. If you aren’t that skilled on drawing, ask for help from an artist friend. When you manage to have the drawing you like, apply the color of paint and do the fine details with some marker pens. After the paint has dried, pour Mod Podge (in a thin layer) onto the entire surface of the shoe. Leave the stuff to work for a while and come back later. Maybe use a damp cloth to remove any excess Podge dripped on the sides and your work is done. Show off your new creative shoes as much as possible!


source: bobsmade.com

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