Make a Vertical DIY Succulent Planter

Vertical planters are the most elegant choice for everyone living in an apartment without a large outdoor space, such as a balcony or a shared patio. Organizing your plants vertically can also help you save a lot of precious space and give personality to a dull and empty wall. So if you’re looking for great vertical planter ideas, you should also consider this next one: a vertical DIY succulent planter. Succulents are great as they don’t need a lot of care or attention and also show great endurance. Besides this, you can also find a lot of artifical succulents in larger store that look very much alive.

Supplies needed to make your own DIY succulent planter:

Start by filling the arrow with the Spanish moss and then cover it with the wire. Use the staple gun to fix the wire and then pin the succulents inside the wire by sliding their stem under it. Install the planter on your wall and change the plants whenever you feel like, since they are very easy to remove between the wire. Such a cool idea!

A DIY Project by Consumer Crafts

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