Look After Baby Sloths Who Lost Their Moms At This Sloth Institution

Sloths are adorable, but because of their cute looks they quickly become an Internet sensation and more and more smugglers are illegally selling them as house-pets.
And because they are also becoming an endangered species, there is a growing population of orphan baby sloths that cannot look after themselves.
That’s why Sam Trull started this great initiative and started to save more and more baby sloths from starvation and death.

She moved from the US to Costa Rica and established an organization that helps orphan baby sloths survive and live a happy life. The first baby sloth she rescued, was Kermie, who had lost its mother because of humans who intervened in their territory. In her book, ”Slothlove”, she emphasizes that her favorite thing about these tiny creatures is their peacefulness and harmlessness. They are also curious and playful, which makes them even more adorable, but also vulnerable.

The main purpose of Trulli’s institution is to help rehabilitate the tiny orphan sloths but also collaborate with other organizations to prevent their extinction and educate people around the world about the dangers faced by this cute and tiny animal. We need more people like Trulli, who are willing to give back to nature and care after helpless creatures.

Look at this adorable baby in a coffee cup!

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