Learn How to Fill and Shape Your Eyebrows Perfectly

A nice and clean make-up is just the first step to be stylish. Eyebrows are equally important, as they can shape your face and create a positive or negative look. In order to avoid common mistakes when shaping the eyebrows, just follow these next simple steps. You will need a small brush, this can also be used in your daily make-up routine and just brush your eyebrows with it. Use a pencil that has a similar color as your brows and trace slowly.


First outline the bottom, beginning from the two sides then proceed to the top. It is important to keep it symmetric to make your face look bright and pleasant. After this step fill the brows using the same pencil, apply powder and brush them again. Apply concealer or foundation around your eyebrows, just as in the pictures. Use a small brush to smoothen the area and that is all. Your face will look beautiful and you have the base for any make-up you will be applying. If you are planning to go out to a party, use a bold make-up. In case you want something casual use warm and pale colors, to make you look fresh and natural.

Eyebrow-tutorial Photo courtesy: Make-up-by-deendal

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