Lamp shade made from photo slides

Custom photographic slide lampshade, made from your slides. A great conversation piece and perfect solution for all those family slides. Each shade requires: 64 Slides for Small, 90 Slide for Medium, or 138 Slides for Large. Slides need to be the standard 2″ X 2″ size and cardboard mounted.

The slides are meticulously attached to one other creating a mosaic of glowing imagery. The slides are then attached to a movie reel style top made from high quality birch plywood, and finished with a Danish oil. As a finishing touch a diffusion material is attached to the interior of the shade. The diffusion materials gives the slides a beautiful glow and a crystal clear view of the images.

This is available HERE…


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2 Responses to "Lamp shade made from photo slides"

  1. Darral says:

    How much for a lamp photos

  2. Sandra White says:

    ,What is the cost for shade with smallest slides and how many will fit?

    Cost of next biggest size slides?????

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