Innovative Stairway Slide Concept


Here’s a new concept, ideal for your kids. Do you wish your kids won’t burry themselves into computers instead of playing outdoors? This is an issue that concern many parents nowadays. And the argument can be put forward in this manner, except in those days when outside is not such a nice place. The answer to the problem comes from this creative toy, which will prove a gold mine during rainy as well as hot days. This clever extendable stairway slide can be a source for many fun activities. One adult can easily unfold the slide and let it roll down the stairs in order for the play time to begin. Kids will soon be queuing up to go on the slide, but stall them for a bit longer. Made out of hard and soft Polyethylene foam, EVA rubber grip and a Vinyl cover, the slide measures a total length of 251 inches when extended. So make sure your stairs are not shorter than this. The Stairway Slide is featured with anti-slip rubber grip so the kids won’t fly away off it when having fun…







slide-stairs-design-5 source: quirky.com


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  1. Cindy says:

    I want one!!!

  2. Helen Novelle says:

    what’s the price? thanks?

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