Individual Parmesan Hash Brown Cups Recipe


Preparing for a personal event but don’t want to hire a catering service and still impress the guests with some of your cooking skills? The following recipe will be the best choice you ever made. Presenting you the Parmesan Hash Brown Cups. Instead of making hash browns like you would normally prepare, considering the amount a crowd attending your bridal shower or other small gathering will need, try and use a muffin tin and make each hash brown individually. While the exterior of the hash brown is crispy and crunchy, you will discover the inside is a moist tastefulness. If you opt for extra flavor, follow the twist in this recipe and add green onions and Parmesan to the mix, along with a drizzle of olive oil on top. Check out the photo guided step by step tutorial and you won’t go wrong with this delicious bite-size snack. With some quiche or fruit salad salsa on the side, it will satisfy any taste bud.


Parmesan Hash Brown Cups – Ingredients & Directions by┬áThe Yummy Life

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