How To Whiten Your Teeth With Turmeric


Having yellow teeth can be very unpleasant for those who suffer from this esthetic problem, but sometimes there’s not much you can do about them. At least not on a budget. You can always try going to the dentist and spend a lot of money on expensive teeth whitening procedures, but why do that if you can solve this problem at home? By mixing just two ingredients from your household, you can significantly change the color of your teeth and gain a beautiful smile. Besides this recipe is a natural teeth whitener, which won’t harm your teeth. To learn more about the recipe and procedure, watch this next video and tell us what you think of it. Was the result stunning in your case too?

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41 Responses to "How To Whiten Your Teeth With Turmeric"

  1. LaFonda says:

    Thanks for the tip on tumeric toothpaste…..all I need is the peppermint oil, and I’m there! Is the peppermint for taste only (so I can skip it) ~OR~ is there medicinal purpose for this in the toothpaste?

    • Vicki-Lee says:

      I was thinking the same thing. What is the nature of the ‘organic coconut oil’? Is it simply a carrier oil or is there something more to it? I had the exact same idea as you regarding the peppermint oil. (I don’t like peppermint) so would probably use something like tea tree oil (yeah, not everybody’s favourite taste) but it’s formidable in antibacterial properties and always smells fresh and clean.

      • Cynthia says:

        Organic Coconut Oil is a powerful anti fungal also good to ingest or for pulling, or swishing back & forth through your teeth. This “Pulling” pulls out toxins & cleanses the mouth! Always spit out the coconut oil after pulling into a Baggie or the garbage as it may clog pipes! For more info on Organic Coconut Oil, just google & fot Pulling w/it as well!
        To your best health!

  2. Marypat says:

    Wow, it really works! I didn’t have pure organic and it still worked great. I have been using apple cider vinager recipes for my stomach for over 20 years but not on a regular basis as of late. I am encouraged by the result you posted so back on it to get in my routine once again. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Tam says:

    I have time tic every day in my food. And I have lazy bowls, I go every 4 days.
    Why is it not helping me. Or what am I doing wrong.

  4. Deon van Tonder says:

    It works! Its wonderful and I get complements.Thanks for this wonderful tip.

  5. Katie says:

    Turmeric or Curcumin???

    • Gert-Jan says:

      Turmeric refers to the same as Curcuma. The difference is that turmeric is the name of the roots (where the actual spice originates from), and Curcuma is the name of the plant.

  6. Jen says:

    This video is very intetesting, but you lose all credibility when you say that tumeric has microbacterial and micro viral properties..you are essentially saying that it has “tiny bacteria” and “tiny viruses”…I think you are trying to say “anti-… “, not “micro…”

  7. Pixie says:

    Fabulous thank you

  8. Anna says:

    I don’t have that experience. I have been using it for more than 6 month now and my teeth are yellower than before. Tumeric is a natural dye and it colours your teeth and everything else it gets into contact with.

  9. Leigh says:

    I have been using turmeric and coconut oil to brush my teeth and have noticed a significant change in whiteness and overall health of my gums. My teeth don’t seem to be as sensitive either. I add fresh turmeric, garlic and ginger to my food every day – I love it!

  10. Kirsty Davis says:

    This looks really amazing but where could I find that tumeric from?

  11. Julie says:

    how long does it take to whiten your teeth?
    I’ve just done it for the first time… my teeth feel smooth but not whiter yet 🙂

  12. Jadie Derksen says:

    I love it it realy works not like those phony adds were you pay a fortune and nothing happens thank you for your honesty

  13. Maya solomon says:

    Wow so amazing the turmeric pepermint oil and coconut oil whitened up my teeth right away . I have been suffering from primary sjogrens disease since I was in my 30s and have to be very careful of my teeth becoming infected I was so happy to see people. Out there finally realising how important it is for your amune system , in the 70 s people laughed at me as I became so aware of all the horrible chemicals that were being put in tooth paste and children’s food nice to see there is finally common sense

  14. Suzanne Bailey says:

    Great stuff, I was just at the supermarket looking at tooth whitener, it is very expensive and like u said full of chemicals. This i will try asap. Thank you for this awesome sharing and I look forward to learning more.

  15. Zoe says:

    Fabulous. I put turmeric, ginger, garlic, ginkgo and zinc in my vegetable smoothie every morning – my memory has improved, more alert and amazing visions. I’m a kinesiologists and having a healthy pineal gland is vital for me to give clear balances on clients

  16. Angela says:

    I tried for first time. I don’t notice anything yet. Any tips?

    • Scott Elder says:

      There are a lot of different DIY tips on how to whiten your teeth out on the internet, as a Dentist, I am concerned with some of the methods. Just so that you’re careful and make sure you aren’t doing any damage to your teeth, I recommend checking out an article I wrote that informs you about “remedies” for teeth whitening that you should try and stay away from. You can check that out here: utahjazzdentist.com/teeth-whitening-tricks-bad/

  17. Tom Campbell says:

    Great data! I have been taking tumeric and coconut oil separately and have gotten great results. I will try your suggestion. Thank you very much!!!

  18. Randi says:

    Has anyone tried this without using the coconut oil? Just wondering because I don’t like anything coconut so was curious is it would still work without it.

  19. cheryll Johnson says:

    I take tumeric every day to deal with inflammation. My knee which had a baker’s cyst behind is now feeling more mobile and definitely less inflamed. Way better for me than taking an anti inflammatory every day! Yeah Tumeric!

  20. jazzie says:

    I will try this and post nack after 1 week!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  21. Rick says:

    Try magnesium for a lazy bowl
    In powder form.
    Works very well for bowl
    Movements etc. also water water water. Our organs rely on us being hydrated…..

  22. Ruth says:

    I am definitely going to try this I’m very excited I’m always looking for a healthy way to whiten my teeth

  23. Courtnay Power says:


    My teeth have been struggling lately

  24. Ben says:

    Thanks for the tumeric toothpaste recipe. I love tumeric.

  25. Valerie johnson says:

    Can I use just turmeric? I’m taking that already.

  26. Sheryl van Gent says:

    Thank you for the great info will really try it. Every morning I have Turmeric hot water and lemon juice Ginger and honey.
    I use Turmeric ,Cinnamon and Caynen Pepper and honey on my cereal for breakfast and no milk is used. If I have toast then I also use this mixture I use for my cereal..
    I ONLY USE Coconut oil if oil or butter is needed . I also use coconut oil on my face and body to and this the best thing if you have cracket heals smear over the heal an put an old sock on and go to bed next morning your heels are great again.

    I have lost so much weight as well and in my dress size too.
    Thank you once again
    Kind regards

  27. Anna says:

    Thank you!

  28. judy says:

    Very informative ! I didn’t have to listen to an hour long sale.

  29. Judy says:

    Many people are without dental insurance so this would be a good thing to try!

  30. Jeanne says:

    This is great and is a great health benefit for feeling. Great.
    Every morning drink first thing;
    1 tsp. Turmeric in a glass of warm water with a pinch of pepper.

  31. Jeanne says:

    Coconut oil is fantastic for cooking, hair, taking orally 2 tbsp per day but when using on skin it can be a little drying so add some olive oil.

  32. Patti says:

    I can’t wait to try this. I happen to have all those ingredients. Did you come out with your Tumeric yet?

  33. Cheryl says:

    Worth trying.

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