How to “UNSHRINK” Your Clothes


Even though it’s easy to overlook this issue, some clothes are sensitive to certain temperatures when washed. You might laugh when you come across a situation on TV where clothes have been shrunk to minimum sizes because they weren’t properly washed. But when it happens to you, tears are just one step away from running down your cheeks. Quickly, stop yourself from doing something irrational, like hitting the washer or throwing the clothes away! Get over the moment of panic if you find yourself into such a problem. In order to `unshrink` your clothes, you will need just some baby shampoo. Soak the shrunk piece of cloth in water with it and roll it afterward in a towel. `Magically` the clothes which a few hours ago were fit for a toddler are now good for your night going out. Find other ways to achieve this same result and feel free to share it with other DIY enthusiasts on the internet. Read more details in the link below..


One Good Thing by Jillee

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