How To “Un-shrink” Your Clothes


No one is born with the knowledge of cleaning, whether it is the home or the wardrobe in question. This is an action you learn with practice. At the same time, the process also brings some failures, so you get better at it overcoming them and keep repeating. When cleaning clothes, there’s always the danger to shrink them. A mistake of choosing the wrong temperature will be fatal for the original size of your shirt or pair of pants. You shouldn’t be scared of this sort of failure. Because there is a way you can turn the process around. We’re talking about un-shrinking your clothes. In order to achieve this almost magic result you will need a capful of baby shampoo, a couple of large beach towels and a sink full of lukewarm water. Read the full tutorial to find out exactly, step by step, how to un-shrink your clothes. Washing your wardrobe won’t be a scary thing anymore!


How To “Unshrink” Your Clothes – OneGoodThingByJillee

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