How To Tidy Up Your Cables

When you are frustrated with the bounty of cables and cords, intermingling around your PC station or other electronic devices, you welcome any sort of solution to this issue. Luckily for you, the DIY method we propose you doesn’t require a lot of money. It also involves a clever approach to handling all the cables that will eventually mess up with a good working environment. For the project you will need screws, clip holders and this photo tutorial.


The steps are quite easy and they start with you screwing clip holders, along with some extension sockets into the sides or back of an office desk or table for your electronics. Then, it’s a matter of placing the cords together in a bundle, in the clip holders, according to which one is closer to the device it supplies with electric power. You could also tie them up in a loose way, so you can move around the mouse or keyboard for example much easier. Now you have a degree of movement on your computer work you didn’t have before, and with only a few bucks spent on it!


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