How to Quickly Fix A Broken Zipper

Most commonly, when people happen to get their zipper off track, they tend to consider it lost for good. All hope is abandoned and in the swift crisis decision making, we pull on the zipper and break it or the pants for always. Don’t ruin your pants by ripping the zipper out of its garment! Instead of this brutal procedure, try to fix it and put it back on track. There is a simple way you could do that and we will show you just exactly how. For this DIY emergency project, you will need the following items:

• a pair of scissors;
• a needle;
• thread (matching the color of the pants);


Begin with cutting a deep slit in the teeth. It’s funny how you have to brake something in order to repair it. But compared to the replacing procedure, this version is much more cost-effective and easier. Now, slide the zipper down to the bottom and insert the slit part you just made into the zipper. Slide it right up again. Fix the slit (now an opening) by threading a temporary stop. The necessary sewing type is something of a wrap-around technique. Put the needle under the teeth of the zipper and take it out through the other side. Use a thread that matches the color of the pants; the red was used here to see how the sewing should be made. You can zip it up and down a bit, according to where you made the slit (and where the zipper fell off track), until you get to a professional to replace the entire zipper. Read more details in the link below

How to Quickly Repair A Broken Zipper– Make It Or Fix It Yourself!

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