How to Make Halloween Egg Carton Bats


Learn in the next tutorial how to make very easy some bats from an egg carton..Halloween decorations are a hot topic this month so we try to keep you updated with the best ideas from the internet. Most of the decorations have a childish theme, but why would that be wrong? It is nice from to get in touch with our inner child from time to time and get craftsy. These next Halloween decorations are great for a children’s party and you can definitely make them together with your children. You will be using egg cartons, leaves, paint and lots of cute googly eyes. You can quickly turn the egg cartons into little bats, by cutting sections of 3 with a scissor and applying a black paint, Just glue some googly eyes on the carton and hang them somewhere in the room. Ask you children to paint the leaves white and draw a scary ghost face on them. Hang the leaves too around the room and the decorations for the Halloween party will be ready in no time. For a more festive look, use Halloween themed ribbons to hang the decorations, such as the orange and black ones from the pictures.

DIY: Halloween Egg Carton Bats and Leaf Ghosts by Happy Clippings

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