How To Make Galaxy Slime


Do your children have nothing exciting to play with anymore? Or do the toys they play with are unapproved by your safety and social standards? Here you have a simple yet fun toy to play – the Galaxy Slime. And the nicest part is you get to make one right in your home! Forget about play dough and other such dull materials. Find out just how you can make this slime with a fabulous galactic texture. If you thought cartoons or science-fiction movies will encourage your imagination, wait until you have this little thing in your hands. As you can see from the photos, the slime can be stretched a great length in order to give you a high degree of freedom when you play. Thus, you won’t have to worry to break your toy when you have the most fun. Explore the complete tutorial from the link below and the variety of ways you can have fun with the DIY Galaxy Slime!

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DIY Galaxy Slime Instructions – by Stephanie on TwoDaloo

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  1. Harley Quinn says:

    Wow! Can you do a no glue no borax slime? But this galaxy slime is amazing!

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