How to Make Crazy Dough for Everything


What if you could make an amazing dough that would be suitable for everything you want yo bake? You feel like making bread? Then just take out this dough from the fridge. You want a delicious base for your pastry? Just open the fridge and use the magic dough. Here is a crazy dough recipe that can be refrigerated and used for almost anything, from bread, to pizza and pastry. The rest is up to you, by adding the perfect ingredients you will be able to make a tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner in just a few minutes. Make the dough, portion it to small sections and place in plastic bags. Then refrigerate and whenever you want to bake something, just take out a piece of dough from the refrigerator and head to the kitchen. Don’t forget to share this great recipe with your friends and family too!


How To Make Crazy Dough For Everything

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    Were is the recipe!!!!!

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