How to Make Candy Apples

Classic desserts never get old; that’s why they call it classics! Today, we suggest a great and easy recipe for making Candy Apples. But not just any candy apples, but the kind you will definitely want to enjoy with a fork and knife. Here is our version of Creative Candy Apples and what do you need in order to achieve the same result:

• six apples;
• 1/2 dozen of skewers;
• pot;
• pastry brush;
• bowl for water and bowl for topping;
• a candy thermometer;
• baking sheet;
• 1/2 cup of light corn syrup;
• 2 cup (480 mL) of sugar;
• 3/4 cup (180 mL) water;
• toppings like toffee, chocolate chips, jelly bears, candy corn;
• (optional) food coloring of your choice;


First, make sure your toppings are shredded into small bits so they will adhere to the apples nicely. See all steps in the link below. When done, place all apples on a baking sheet and transfer into the fridge. Bon appetite!

Candy Apples – Instructables

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